Amazing Guitar Program
What’s included …
Over 200 concise video song lessons!
Detailed descriptions of chord sequences with play throughs!
Special attention to strumming and rhythm patterns!
Background information on each classic song!

Why Are So Many Aspiring Players Joining Song Mentor?
We Provide Great Instruction, Great Song Choices, Great Service and Great Pricing!

Clear Instruction!

Subscribers comment over and over again about how easy it is to learn how to play their favourite songs!


The songs you will learn are among the Greatest Songs On Earth! All have stood the test of time!


There is no such thing as a bad question and we are always here to help you learn!

Best Value on the web!

Learn one of the Greatest Songs On Earth for the cost of half a cup of coffee!
Using Song Mentor
The Songs You Love Can Finally Be Mastered!

That’s Cool … But What Do Members Have Yo Say About SONG MENTOR ?
We’ve had so many wonderful comments and testimonials from subscribers who made the decision to join us at SONG MENTOR! Here are just a few of the many members insights into this terrific program!

Terry says …

If there is a perfect guitar lesson, then you just nailed it.!!! Every one of your lessons has pushed and challenged me along with teaching me new techniques. I guess it takes a genuine teacher to teach good guitar. Thank you SO much!

Lyn says …

Since starting up Premium with you my playing has improved no end. I feel so cool being able to play the Eagles complete songs now. I even played in front of my friends for the first time and they were impressed. You have given me so much confidence I just want to learn and learn!

Ed says …

You are the teacher I have been looking for. Lessons are clear and complete and I can go back and review as many times as needed to learn the song! Absolutely the best investment I’ve made towards my guitar learning!

Jo says …

I just wanted to tell you that of all the guitar sites I’ve visited, yours is by far the best! I have learned more from you then all the others put together. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your lessons….Thank you, thank you, thank you!
SONG MENTOR Connects You With The Greatest Song Writing Artists Of All Time!
Learn all the riffs and chord arrangements that have helped these artists and their compositions endure. We know you’ll agree that nothing improves learning like great material. And there is no better source of great material than the talented artists who have penned the songs in our amazing catalogue!

Perhaps the most prolific song writing team in the history of modern music … an uncanny ability to blend melody and rhythm time after time after time!

Taken from us far too soon … Charles Hardin Holley composed simplle, catchy tunes as well as rich, complex love songs. A master at his craft!

Our most popular lessons Song Mentor are songs recorded as hits by the band affectionately known as CCR! All of these tunes were penned by John!

When it comes to guitar riffs, is there a finer selection of chops than those created by the time-defying Keith Richards. He and Jagger have always had “the knack”!

With SONG MENTOR PREMIUM You Have Full Access To All Lessons For Life!
Unlike our popular subscription program … your PREMIUM membership allows you to visit and learn any time your heart desires. You won’t be waiting for lessons to arrive weekly like a magazine subscription. Your access to over 200 great lessons is instant and forever!

We have painstakingly reviewed Internet lists and found over 200 of the most popular songs for guitar ever recorded! You won’t find a more fussy program in terms of song choice. The greatest guitar songs from the greatest writers! You get … The Best of the Best!
And …. at just 42 cents per lesson, you simply won’t find an offer that’s easier on your pocketbook! With your SONG MENTOR PREMIUM membership you get it all; GREAT songs, GREAT lessons, GREAT service and GREAT value!

SONG MENTOR PREMIUM A Lifetime of Learning

Hundreds of satisfied customers! We are confident that you will absolutely love your
SONG MENTOR PREMIUM Song Learning Program!

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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Will I learn the complete song?

You’ll learn all the guitar parts/sections of the song you need in order for you to perform it as a solo artist or with a group of musicains. You’ll get all the “main” guitar stuff for sure.

Are the chords accurate?

Yes … and many on the Internet are not! Occasionally, different versions of songs result in slightly different chord arrangements, but you can count on receiving the correct chording.

Will you show me the strumming pattern so that I can grasp the rhythm of the song?

This is the question that is asked most often. Yes .. you will get a close-up and slowed-down look at what the strumming hand is doing during the song.

Sounds great …. how do I get started?

So easy! Simply click on the GOLD BAR below! It will take you where you need to go to begin learning THE GREATEST SONGS ON EARTH!
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